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Saltwater Pools 101

What is a Saltwater Pool?

In a traditional pool, chlorine levels are maintained by periodically adding chlorine to the pool. However, a saltwater pool generates salt chlorine from added salt by the process of chemical electrolysis, using a salt chlorine generator. This highlights an important fact: a saltwater pool is a chlorine pool, it simply uses an alternate means of chlorination.

Are there any health benefits of a Saltwater Pool?

  • Anti-Stress Properties

The more stressed we are, the less our bodies are able to function properly. Salt water helps promote our body's natural relaxation process leaving us feeling refreshed after each swim.

  • Better on Joints

Chlorine can be harsh on the joints and can cause stiffness and pain for some people. Salt water has bromide in it, which is a mineral that assists the body is managing aches and pains that are felt in the muscles and joints.

  • Gentle Effects

The salt concentration in a Saltwater pool is very similar to that of human tears. Most people have experienced the fumes associated with an indoor hotel pool. The chlorine makes your eyes water and your lungs burn. Saltwater pools have no chemical fumes to irritate your eyes or respiratory system.

  • Skin Benefits

When you swim in a pool full of chlorine, it can leave your skin very dry and itchy. Saltwater has actually been proven to be good for the skin and can leave your skin soft and smooth after a dip in the pool. Saltwater has been shown to help with some skin disorders such as eczema and acne. It is a natural moisturizer and exfoliant.

Are Saltwater Pools Low Maintenance?

While saltwater pools require reduced maintenance steps, the water must still be routinely tested and adjusted to maintain proper sanitation. The salt chlorine generator cell must also be inspected at regular intervals for buildup and debris. Calcium buildup is a common issue in salt chlorine generators.

Is It Worth It?

The general consensus has been that the benefits of a saltwater pool far outweigh the negatives. The popularity of saltwater pools is on the rise as people appreciate the improved swimming experience:

  • Not having to physically handle toxic liquid chlorine or tablets has also been a big selling point among pool owners. Owners also appreciate the savings from no longer needing to purchase chlorine.

  • Also, there is generally less loss of chlorine to the environment with a saltwater pool than there is in a traditional pool.

What information is important about Saltwater pools for homeowners?

While the benefits of saltwater pools are clear, it’s important for a potential owner to know the facts about what they are and what they are not:

  • A saltwater pool is not quite like the ocean. The salinity of a saltwater pool is far lower than that of seawater.

  • Installing a saltwater pool requires a higher initial investment, and fixing any broken equipment can be more expensive.

  • A saltwater pool is not low maintenance. Maintaining a sanitary saltwater pool requires consistency and attention to detail. All other parameters required for a safe pool still need maintenance.

  • Since a saltwater pool simply employs an alternate means of chlorination, many of the same issues that come up with a traditional pool will persist with a saltwater pool.

  • Salt can be corrosive to equipment surrounding your pool.

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