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Signs Your Pool Pump Needs To Be Replaced

As a pool owner, you know that there are many components to ensuring the pool of your dreams is well maintained. When your pool pump is working, your water is fresh and healthy. Without a properly functioning pool pump, your crystal clear swimming waters will soon start to turn swampy. However, there are some warning signs that you can head to get in front of a potential larger issue and spot just when you might need to have your pool pump repaired.

Warning Signs Your Pool Pump Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Your pool pump helps to keep water flowing, allowing it to pass through a filter, a heater, and a chlorinator. Stagnant water can happen to any pool! But, these telltale signs can help you spot an issue before your beautiful pool starts turning green. When in doubt, call your professional local pool maintenance and cleaning team to help assess your needs.


Let's face it; nothing lasts forever. Pool pumps do have an expiration date, as they typically only last around ten years. If your pool pump is old, it might be better to just replace it before it starts causing serious issues for your pool.


Is your pool pump suddenly making strange noises or a bit louder than usual? This is one of the key signs that something is up, as pool pumps are generally designed to run quietly. If your pool pump is not working properly, you might hear grinding, loud whirring, or even screeching when the pool pump is in use. A certified pool expert will be able to pinpoint the exact issue, but it can sometimes be due to rusted inside components. This means you might not need a full replacement and instead, can have your pool pump repaired.

Loss of Suction

If your pool pump is not suctioning up water properly, then it is not able to completely function to pull water through the filter. Curious on how to check the suctioning power of your pump? Just look at the pressure gauge. It should read 10 PSO or above. If it doesn't, then you will want to get into contact with a professional to find the root of the issue.


If your pool pump's motor keeps turning off, components of your pool pump may be running hot or overworked. Your pool pump might also be clogged. A correctly working pool pump has a motor that runs continuously. So, any deviation in this could mean that you need your pool pump repaired or replaced. Failing pump components that are causing your pump to shut off randomly will not get better on their own and will need a professional evaluation.

Don't Wait to Call for Pool Pump Replacement

Pool pumps are one of the many essential components that keep your pool functioning properly. Waiting to call if you notice a problem could spell disaster, as catching issues early is crucial to preventing larger and more costly issues from developing. Don't stress too much about catching these issues, as your eyes and ears are typically all you need.

At Surf City Pools, our certified team of dedicated pool experts is ready to provide you individualized services to meet your needs. We believe pool maintenance doesn't have to cause a headache, as our service offerings help to cover all your bases. We are here year-round, serving the San Diego area. Call today for an initial consultation or if you think you are in need of a pool pump repair!

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